Dr.MGR Home & Higher Secondary School for the Speech & Hearing Impaired

Hard work earns eminence

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Celebrating MGR

MGR 100 - 25

February 15, 2016

A legend. A legacy. An everliving icon.
Celebrating  MGR 100 & beyond.

MGR 100 - 25 

Celebrating his dreams and vision for the Hearing Impaired.

The ever grateful inmates of this institution that hold their heads high as they gain knowledge and skills for life, raise they hands in prayer as they come together to celebrate "MGR - 100 - 25 " 
Coming soon, a month on month celebratory  calendar of events in his honour, leading up to Jan 2017


Dr.MGR Home & Higher Secondary School for the Speech and Hearing Impaired  was established on 17th  January 1990, as per the wishes of Dr.M.G.Ramachandran who was considered to be a great humanitarian and Chief Minister of the State of Tamil Nadu in India

The mission of our institution is

  • To provide the hearing impaired speech therapy to improve and develop their speech
  • To give them education, vocational training
  • To provide them with boarding & lodging
  • To make arrangements for medical facilities
  • To make arrangements to provide hearing aids and other equipment
  • To engage in research and development to improve the methodologies in training the Special educators dealing with the speech and hearing impaired
  • To encourage Speech & Hearing Impaired pursue higher education
  • To provide job placement to the Speech & Hearing Impaired persons